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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Idaho Senator Larry Craig commented on President Bush’s State of the Union address tonight in the House chambers:

“Tonight we heard some inspiring words from President Bush, reminding us that America has always risen to the challenges facing it, and that we are at our best when we are proactive and playing a leadership role in the world.

“This is a man who has a very good read on the concerns of the American people. He came to the Capitol tonight and laid out some excellent proposals to meet these challenges and make our Union stronger, healthier and more prosperous.

“Many of us also appreciated his call to abandon the angry partisan rhetoric and tactics that have poisoned the national dialogue in recent months. I hope all of Congress takes that message to heart. We can and must debate the issues of the day, but we ought to be able to do so without questioning each other’s character and integrity. Civility and respect are absolutely necessary to a good working relationship between Democrats and Republicans, and I’m glad President Bush brought attention to the subject.

“The President also presented some bold proposals that will move America’s energy portfolio into the 21st Century. We have several technologies like ethanol and hydrogen fuel cells that have the potential to greatly reduce our dependence on foreign oil. More support for research and development can make these fuels a reality, and I’m glad the President shares that vision.”


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