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Friday, July 01, 2005


Includes Generation IV reactor, cleanup, research, and water projects

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United States Senate approved a slew of energy and water projects for Idaho today. Idaho Senator Larry Craig, a member of the Subcommittee that wrote the bill, released a list of projects that are included:

  • Idaho Advanced Cogeneration Reactor ($40 million) – Continued development of the Next Generation Nuclear plant at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
  • Advanced Test Reactor Fuel Fabrication and Long Range Operating Plan ($13.5 million) – Fuel and a long-range plan to continue to operate the Advanced Test Reactor at the INL
  • Idaho Accelerator Center at Idaho State University ($4 million)
  • National SCADA Test Bed at the INL ($5 million) – Operation of a facility to test Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, a critical component of our energy infrastructure
  • Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative ($7 million) – New funding for testing at INL of hydrogen production systems, which coincide with the development of Next Generation Nuclear Power plants
  • Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative ($85 million) – A national program with significant work performed at INL, to develop and demonstrate technologies that enable the transition to a stable, long-term, environmentally and politically acceptable advanced nuclear fuel cycle
  • Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering ($4.5 million) – Partnership with the three Idaho universities to revitalize nuclear engineering education in Idaho.
  • Environment Management at the Idaho Cleanup Project ($544 million) – A $13 million increase above the Administration’s budget proposal
  • Inland Northwest Research Alliance (INRA) ($1.5 million) - INRA is a non-profit scientific and educational organization consisting of eight Western research universities, including BSU, ISU, and U of I. Funds will be used to support collaborative work between INRA and INL on the Subsurface Science Research Institute.
  • Synchronous Wind Turbines ($500,000) -- Research on sustainable energy utilization and production focusing on distributed wind technology systems
  • Indian Creek Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration ($3.3 million) – An integral component of the City of Caldwell’s downtown redevelopment
  • Rural Idaho Water Projects ($5.5 million) – Including water projects at Emmett, Burley, Rupert, Bonners Ferry, Donnelly, Driggs, Smelterville, and the Eastern Idaho Wastewater Authority
  • Paradise Creek Ecosystem Restoration ($250,000) – Restoration and rehabilitation of certain reaches of Paradise Creek in Moscow, Idaho
  • Lower Boise River ($200,000) – Water resource management and use study of the Lower Boise River
  • Dworshak Reservoir Improvements ($2.464 million) – Operation, maintenance, and improvements of facilities.
Other ongoing water projects around Idaho within the Corps of Engineers or Bureau of Reclamation: Salmon River, Challis ($611,000); Albeni Falls Dam ($1.792 million); Lucky Peak Lake ($2.567 million); Boise Area Projects ($5 million); Columbia and Snake Rivers Salmon Project ($17.5 million); Idaho Investigations ($548,000); Minidoka Area Projects ($6.318 million)

Senator Craig praised the projects, “Each of these projects represents a fiscally responsible priority for the federal government. From increasing our energy independence through expanding nuclear energy to improving our water infrastructure, Idahoans win with this bill.
“I am especially pleased with the commitment to the Generation IV Reactor at INL. The Senate recognizes the impact this technology and the reactor will have on our nation. ”
The bill now goes before a conference committee to work out the differences between the Senate and House of Representatives bills.


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