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Monday, June 27, 2005


Safeguard measures in place are effective

BOISE, Idaho – Idaho Senator Larry Craig responded to news that the United States Department of Agriculture prevented a BSE-infected cow from entering the U.S. food and feed supply.

Craig stated, "Today's confirmation should not in any way undermine the confidence of consumers or our trading partners in U.S. beef. The safeguards in place successfully quarantined this animal, which never threatened our food and feed supply. Since the last U.S. case in 2003, the beef industry, Congress, and the Administration have committed large resources toward strengthening the surveillance of our herds and bolstering the process used to keep beef safe. Americans should enjoy their weekend by grilling with their families – I know I will."

For more detailed information on this case, please visit Information on what Senator Craig is doing for Idaho agriculture can be found in his Ag Action Plan Issue Brief.


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