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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Legislation adjusts PATRIOT Act, protects civil liberties

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Idaho Senator Larry Craig today announced the reintroduction of the Security and Freedom Enhancement (SAFE) Act of 2005. The SAFE Act makes a few narrowly-targeted adjustments to the PATRIOT Act, which are designed to preserve the rights of Americans without reducing the federal government’s ability to fight the war on terrorism.

Some provisions of the PATRIOT Act are set to expire at the end of 2005, and will require reauthorization by Congress in order to be extended.

“It is possible to fight terrorism without eroding the Constitution and the rights of Americans, and our bill is designed to restore that critical balance in the aggressive enforcement of our laws,” Craig said. “However, before the PATRIOT Act is reauthorized later this year, a few small, but important, changes must be made. We want the adjustments outlined in the SAFE Act to be a part of the greater reauthorization debate on the PATRIOT Act.

“The Bush Administration has been very careful in carrying out the war on terrorism,” Craig continued, “but in a few limited areas of the PATRIOT Act, there is a potential for abuse. We shouldn’t just assume that future administrations will be as conscientious with the rights of Americans.”

The SAFE Act has been endorsed by a broad variety of groups, including the ACLU, American Conservative Union, and the League of Women Voters. It will be introduced tomorrow, Wednesday, April 6, to coincide with its introduction in the House of Representatives.


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