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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Nextel joins as a partner during National Safe Place Week

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- At a press conference today, Idaho Senator Larry Craig joined representatives from Nextel Communications and National Safe Place recognizing the week of March 13th as National Safe Place Week.

S. Res. 71, a resolution sponsored by Craig and Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., designating this week as National Safe Place Week passed the Senate unanimously on March 10, 2005.

Not only was Safe Place recognized at the press conference, but Nextel Communications announced their intentions to actively support the program through a $75,000 donation and a commitment to make each of their stores a Safe Place.

“Safe Place is a terrific program that unites volunteers and the public and private sectors in our communities to assist young people. I celebrate National Safe Place Week along with over 75,000 youths who have been helped through the program,” said Craig. “I applaud Nextel Communications for their help in expanding the reach of Safe Place so we can help more young people.”

Safe Place is a program that helps troubled youths by offering them a place to go in their community where they can talk to trustworthy adults who act as a link to help. The program works by creating a network of businesses and public locations that display the bright yellow, diamond-shaped Safe Place logo in their windows or a highly visible place on the front of their buildings. The employees at locations where a Safe Place program is in effect have been trained to handle emotionally distressed people.

When a troubled youth requests assistance, an employee will provide the youth with a secure place to wait while he or she contacts the local Safe Place headquarters. If necessary, the headquarters will dispatch a trained volunteer to the Safe Place site to offer assistance and provide transportation to a shelter if necessary.

Nicole Hill, a Safe Place participant and Idaho resident, joined representatives of National Safe Place and Nextel Communications today. Idaho currently has more than 500 Safe Place sites. Senator Craig has designated his Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Coeur d'Alene offices as Safe Places.


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