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Monday, March 21, 2005


Improving child welfare and facilitating international adoption to top agenda

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Idaho Senator Larry Craig is leading a delegation to India to help promote adoption both inside and outside of India and to share ideas on improving the welfare of children.

The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI), which Craig co-founded and is currently a board member, organized the trip. Also attending will be other board members and staff of the Institute and a representative for Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La., also a co-founder and board member. The trip is funded entirely through private donations to the Institute.

The overarching goal of the trip is to improve the lives of the orphans of India. This comes in many forms, from shoring up their economy to easing adoption in country to placing them in loving homes outside of India. Craig emphasized one of the guiding principles of U.S. law, “First and foremost, children should be placed with families inside their home country. If that is not possible, we work to find permanent, safe, and loving homes for the children in another country.”

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recently visited India, signifying our improved relations with this relatively young democracy. Craig emphasized the importance of this relationship, “India is an important ally in the world, and must be a shining example of democracy and freedom.”

The delegation will be in India from Monday, March 21 until Thursday, March, 24, 2005. For information during or following the trip, please contact Senator Craig’s office or Mark Moore with CCAI at (703) 288-9700. For more information, please visit or read Senator Craig's Adoption Resources Issue Brief.


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