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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Says “Bush demonstrates his principles and his commitment to deliver on his promises”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Idaho Senator Larry Craig had the following remarks after hearing President Bush’s State of the Union Speech this evening:
The President outlined his bold agenda for a new America – an agenda that protects our freedoms, spreads democracy, and empowers Americans.

The President’s agenda will require a tremendous amount of political capital – capital he has earned and capital he is willing to spend. It demonstrates his principles and his commitment to deliver on his promises.

I stand behind the President’s effort to reform and personalize Social Security. It is a program that is necessary to preserve, but it is in dire need of repair. By allowing each of us to choose how we want to invest our money, we will save the program and ensure that it exists for our children and grandchildren.

As Chairman of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I am pleased that the President has made America’s veterans a priority. Thursday, the Veterans’ Committee I chair will hold a hearing on death benefits for survivors, and I am confident Congress will pass legislation to provide more comfort for our nation’s war heroes and their families.

The past weekend, we witnessed a major milestone in Iraq – free elections. It marks a major milestone, and tonight the President demonstrated his ability and desire to ensure Iraq is a democracy that is peaceful and self-sufficient


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